Learn about briping, caffeine performance, outdoor tricks and much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Camping Coffee

"For many people, part of the appeal of camping is leaving behind the unnecessary trappings of modern life and going back to basics. However,even the most minimalist camper might decide giving up coffee is a step too far...

Control these 5 things for The Perfect Brew

"You are the barista when you brew your own cup of coffee. No matter if you are on a hike or enjoying the morning on your back deck, you deserve the perfect shot of coffee!"

The Best Bripe Reviews-Sep

"There has been a lot of excitement and reviews on the Bripe this past year. For your convenience we have put together our favorite reviews of this month."

White Water Canoe Trip (New Recipe Inside)

"We were coffeed up and back on the river in no time and had a great tasting shot of coffee without the hassle of pots, stoves and lost time."

Day Hike at Smugglers Notch

"The best part of the whole hike was the reward for the climb. A coffee! I had packed my Bripe kit and..."


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