White Water Canoe Trip (New Recipe Inside)

White Water Canoe Trip (New Recipe Inside)

Noire River, Canada

Coffee Break No Kettle Required

In Late July 2018 we went on a great 5-day whitewater canoe trip. This trip has a funny extensive daily log with a few tips and a bunch of ‘had to be there” humor. I will make the notes of the daily log available for those who are interested but here in this post I want to give a description of our coffee break and experience with the Bripe coffee brewing system.

The Noire river is not a very large river and is often meandering and very sandy. It drops in elevation and is quite swift throughout. On this type of canoe trip you must be prepared to get wet at all times. Our gear was waterproofed, packed well and tied into the canoes. We tied our gear in so that if you dump out of the canoe in a rapid your stuff does not get damaged too much or lost because it will stay with the canoe.

Coffee Break Time

So, when you’re canoeing and it is coffee break time you don’t want to get all your gear out of your pack or start a fire. You want to keep your gear watertight and have a cold lunch instead of taking a lot of time to heat and clean pots and pans. The Bripe is the ideal solution for quick coffee! We packed the Bripe kits at the top of the food pack with our lunch supplies. This allowed us to be able to get all the lunch break supplies out of the top of one pack instead of digging through all our gear and slowing down our days paddling. The Bripe is easy to use and fun. We just added some ground coffee from Equator Coffee Roasters and some water from our water bottles and heated up the Bripe for 60 seconds with the torch lighter that comes in the kit. And VOILA! Coffee without a Kettle or fire. Very satisfying! My canoe buddy needed 2 shots but even so- no problem! We were coffeed up and back on the river in no time and had a great tasting shot of coffee without the hassle of pots, stoves and lost time.

If you liked this post and what to read more detail about this trip please contact us and we will send you the trip notes and a recipe for a ButChedda Bripe! This is a Hot Buttered Rum Bripe with coffee, inspired by Sailors of old!