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Quad Jet Torch Lighter

How do I fill my torch lighter with butane?

The Bripe torch is sold WITHOUT butane. You will need to fill it before you can use it. Butane can be purchased from hardware stores or other online stores. Butane canisters usually come with various size tip adaptors. Choose the tip for the butane canister that fits best into the torch refill hole located at the bottom of the lighter. Turn the lighter bottom up and fill downward. Push down the butane canister tip into the hole at the bottom of the torch and hold until you think the torch it is full 2-3 seconds. Youtube has good tutorials on this topic.

Can I take the lighter on an airplane?
To be transported on an airline it has to be free of fuel and packed in luggage below the plane. The lighter can NOT be taken in carry-on luggage whether full of fuel or empty. It will be taken by the security agents when detected. Please check with your airline in regard to transporting a lighter- we do not set Airline policies and cannot be responsible for lost lighters.

Where can I buy a butane fuel canister to fill my torch lighter?

Most major retailers in the US like Walmart and Tractor supply etc. carry butane canisters for filling torch lighters. They are normally located in the smoke shop or camping department. Many convenience stores and gas stations carry butane refill canisters also.

The flame on my torch lighter seems to be low.

Your lighter might be low on butane, try refilling it. There is a flame adjustment ring on the bottom of the torch. Adjust by rotating in both directions which helps clean anything that might have gotten into the needle valve. Once the needle valve is clean you can leave it on the highest setting that you like.

My torch lighter won't fill from the butane canister.

If you hear the sound of gas flowing and its not charging your torch, most likely you have the wrong tip adapter at the end of your butane refill canister. If the can is sealed to the torch and still wont fill there might be dirt or debris stuck in the needle valve of your lighter. To help unblock a plugged needle valve, rotate the bottom adjustment ring to full open and full closed position several times. Dislodge the dirt by taking a sharp object like a pen for example and push the pen into the hole which will let the gas come out of the torch. This will help the dirt or debris get pushed out.


Why does the filter have three different filter areas?

The filter areas range from 300-500 microns in size with the finest in the middle. There is different laser etched sizes to help control the amount of grind that comes through the filter. For example, the finest size in the middle should be used for the finest coffee grind. The biggest hole size is for larger grind sizes and tea. The filter allows you to choose how you want your particular grind filtered. You are the barista!

The laser etched filter areas all look the same.

Hold the filter up to the light so that you can see the difference between the filter sizes better.

What’s the hole in the top of the filter stem for?

The hole in the top of the filter extension conveniently holds the thermometer in place while the extension also helps move the filter in and out of the pipe all the way to the bottom of the bowl.

Why am I tasting grind when I drink from my Bripe?

Your filter is not properly placed.

  1. Push the filter all the way to the bottom with one of the three filter settings sitting in front of the stem hole. You can use the thermometer to assist in proper placement all the way to the bottom so that grind does not enter the drinking stem.
  2. The filter can be dislodged from its proper position by moving it during stirring. Don’t touch the filter after it is properly placed.
  3. While cleaning or rinsing be sure that grind does not remain in the drinking stem somehow. Back wash water through the mouthpiece with tap water.
  4. Creasing or physical damage to filter should be easily seen and avoided.


Why do I need to use the thermometer?
  • You can get smooth tasting coffee by not over-heating it. Over 185°F you start extracting components of the coffee that have a bitter taste. By staying under 185°F you get only the sweet parts of the bean extracted.
  • The thermometer also doubles as a stirring device.
  • The thermometer will also show you when your brew reaches 140°F on the cooling cycle. The perfect and safe drinking temperature!

Can I add milk or other flavourings?

Yes, milk can be added to the Bripe either before the brew or during the cooling cycle.

  • Our preferred method for adding milk to the Bripe is before the brewing cycle so that the milk won’t cool the coffee too fast. This allows the coffee to be properly extracted so that you end up with a perfect shot of coffee.
  • After using milk in your Bripe be sure to clean it thoroughly. This will ensure that there is no milk residue while it is being stored.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, your Brew Pipe has a one year limited warranty for manufacturers defects. Abuse or over heating will void the warranty. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid miss-use. Email bripeinfo@gmail.com if you have an issue with your Brew Pipe.

How do I clean my Bripe?

Barely used Bripe:

Rinse with water, just make sure to get all the coffee grounds out.

 Used a few times Bripe:

Use soap and sponge to scrub Bripe. Remove the plastic mouthpiece tip and clean inside straw with pipe cleaner.

 When you want to Bring the shine back to your Bripe: 

Fill a container with water large enough to hold the brew pipe. Add a teaspoon of salt and squeeze half a lemon into the salt water. Submerge the pipe in the mixture. Check the Brew Pipe every 30 minutes until it is bright and shiny once again. Wash with warm water and soap, dry with a towel. The solder is food grade silver solder.

Watch this tutorial on how to clean your Bripe.

Should I be worried about drinking out of Copper?

Copper will tarnish but the tarnishing is not dangerous to human health.


Bripe Instructions PDF
Torch Lighter Instructions PDF