What is it?

It's simply absurd!

A portable espresso-like coffee maker. Use a torch to brew your coffee! No kettle or cup needed here! (torch included). Best of all, its a lot of fun and tastes great!

Why Bripe

How does it work?

Place filter to cover stem hole.

Add ground coffee (or tea).

Add water. Stir in with ground coffee or tea.

Brew with Quad jet torch and stir. Max temperature of 185°F / 85°C.

Cool to 140°F / 60°C. Add sugar and milk if desired

Blow air into stem to make bubbles. Suck brew through stem and enjoy!

How to make a Bripe

What People Are Saying

James Hoffmann

Love it so much

I think it is gloriously absurd! - Makes great tasting coffee. Of course it does, why wouldn't it make great coffee?

Tyler Hagan

Love it so much

While it might not look like any of the other coffee brewers on your brew bar, this quirky and fun Brew-Pipe is serious about brewing great coffee!

Micky Pongnapach

Love it so much

Convenient to drink coffee anywhere, anytime with a portable coffee maker with Bripe

Alex Smith

Love it so much

It was time to get outside. Time to get away from the monotony of the morning coffee routine. It’s important to not be confined to the restrictions of a fully loaded coffee bar and go back to the simple things. Enter the Bripe.

Justin Piercy

Love it so much

Still trying to convince my wife this is really just a coffee brewer 👀😅☕️ The BRIPE is certainly… fun… to brew with

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