Bripe™ - Complete Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

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Bripe™ - Complete Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

Bripe™ - Complete Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

Regular price $49.00
Sale price $49.00 Regular price $99.00
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Product description
Maintaining Your Bripe
Product reviews
Product description

The Original Bripe Kit

The complete kit includes:

  • - The Bripe™ (Coffee Brew Pipe)
  • - Quad Jet Torch (butane sold separately)
  • - Reusable variable stainless steel filter
  • - Base cooling plate
  • - Felt carrying case
  • - Thermometer
  • - Coffee tube


Same as reviewed by James Hoffmann

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Maintaining Your Bripe

How to clean your Bripe

What you need:

  • 1 tsp salt
  • Water (Boiling)
  • 1 lemon or lime
  • 1 large bowl
  • Dirty Bripe

Start boiling water, meanwhile squeeze lemon or lime into bowl and add salt. Once water is at boiling temperature pour into bowl. Remove the mouthpiece and cork, set to the side. Place stainless steel filter, copper stand and Bripe into bowl. Leave for two hours or until Bripe looks clean then remove from bowl and scrub with soap. Put Bripe back together and make sure to dry. Enjoy having a clean and spiffy looking Bripe once again!

Product reviews

Customer Reviews

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Brew on the go, pure joy!

The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe is a compact coffee maker that offers unique advantages for coffee aficionados:

Portability: The Bripe's compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for travel, camping, or any on-the-go adventure. Its small form factor allows you to enjoy high-quality coffee wherever you are, without the need for bulky equipment.

Efficiency: With the Bripe, brewing coffee is quick and efficient. Its innovative design allows you to brew a single serving of coffee in just a few minutes, eliminating the need for large, time-consuming brewing setups.

: The Bripe's minimalist design means there are fewer components to deal with, making it easy to use and clean. Simply add your coffee grounds, heat the water with the included torch, and enjoy a rich, flavorful cup of coffee in minutes.

Versatility: Despite its small size, the Bripe offers versatility in brewing. You can experiment with different coffee grounds and brewing techniques to customize your coffee experience and discover new flavors.

Sustainability: The Bripe's compact size and efficient brewing process make it an environmentally friendly choice. It requires less water and energy to operate compared to larger coffee makers, reducing its overall carbon footprint.

In summary, the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe combines portability, efficiency, simplicity, versatility, and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for coffee lovers who value convenience and quality in their brewing experience.

Now let’s get outdoors and drink some great-tasting coffee!

Why Bripe

What People Are Saying

James Hoffmann

I think it is gloriously absurd! - Makes great tasting coffee. Of course it does, why wouldn't it make great coffee?

Tyler Hagan

Love it so much

While it might not look like any of the other coffee brewers on your brew bar, this quirky and fun Brew-Pipe is serious about brewing great coffee!

Micky Pongnapach

Love it so much

Convenient to drink coffee anywhere, anytime with a portable coffee maker with Bripe

Alex Smith

Love it so much

It was time to get outside. Time to get away from the monotony of the morning coffee routine. It’s important to not be confined to the restrictions of a fully loaded coffee bar and go back to the simple things. Enter the Bripe.

Justin Piercy

Love it so much

Still trying to convince my wife this is really just a coffee brewer 👀😅☕️ The BRIPE is certainly… fun… to brew with


Barely used Bripe:

Rinse with water, just make sure to get all the coffee grounds out.

Used a few times Bripe:

Use soap and sponge to scrub Bripe. Remove the plastic mouthpiece tip and clean inside straw with pipe cleaner.

When you want to Bring the shine back to your Bripe:

Fill a container with water large enough to hold the brew pipe. Add a teaspoon of salt and squeeze half a lemon into the salt water. Submerge the pipe in the mixture. Check the Brew Pipe every 30 minutes until it is bright and shiny once again. Wash with warm water and soap, dry with a towel. The solder is food grade silver solder.