New! Torch Lighter makes coffee!

Buy a Torch Lighter, get a Coffee Kit too.


+ $19.99


Torch Lighter & Bripe Coffee Kit!

The Complete Bripe Kit Includes:

The Bripe ™ Coffee Brew Pipe, Quad jet torch, Reusable variable filter, Thermometer, Carrying Case and Coffee tube.

Get a Torch Lighter & Bripe Coffee Kit!


About the Bripe Butane Torch Lighter >


  • Value: Excellent fit and finish, this is a very classy looking lighter built for long service. The Bripe lighter is well made with strong solid metal construction. Stainless steel with powder coated metal sheath.
  • Butane Torch: FOUR Lighter Jets provide power and control. The flame is adjustable for when you need lots of flame or lowered for lighting candles or using a micro soldering torch.
  • Features: This lighter will ignite and release gas when the trigger is pressed down with your thumb. This mini torch design is easy to hold and compact. It is refillable and holds a good quantity of butane.
  • Safety: Unlike other models this lighter will turn off if you stop depressing the trigger. Some designs have a lock button that is a dangerous feature as the locked ON lighter can become a hazard.

About the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit >

The complete kit includes:

- The Bripe™ Coffee Brew Pipe™
- Quad jet torch
- Reusable variable filter
- Base cooling plate
- Carrying case
- Thermometer
- Coffee tube